Best Day Ever.

Let us throwback on a Wednesday (breaking cultural norms here ).

April 2nd 2011

India wins World Cup 2011 

Our flight to Delhi (delayed) and we were sitting in the lounge eating pongal ( it is not everyday you get to sit and have pongal in an airport lounge). Whole of India gearing up for the day and we were on a road trip to Rishikesh from Delhi.

We were sitting and watching the news in the lounge ( let me tell you when you get the lounge travelling coach there is no greater luxury).

It was not the era of social media or smart phone . Facebook was there and so were we but not consumed by one another. This was the time we went to a place for the place and not for social media benefits (guilty).

It struck both my parents that we were going to miss what was the most important day in the history of cricket (for Indians). At this point in my life I was more into books and comics, not my parents. Don’t stereotype my mom I am pretty sure she is better than my dad when it comes to keeping up with the sports “deets” ( also over patriotism) . My dad he plays the game well way better than my mom ( no gender inequality here). I am not as passionate as my mother nor a good sportsman like my father .
My sister well she was  five.

We are going off topic here .

So we land in Delhi after three hours or so.

Get into an Indica and we are off to Rishikesh , Which is a five and half hour journey .

On the way we stop at Haridwar ( the mandatory stop).

Back on the road now .

Let me give you a mental view of Rishikesh.

 Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. (Wikipedia’s first line)

Mindblowing, stunning, amazing . ( my translation)

The match had started at 2:30pm (local time).  Sri Lanka hadwon the toss and had chosen to bat. By the time we had reached our destination the first innings was over


How did we know that you ask.

We didn’t.

My parents can start a blog on how to travel but mainly on a budget.

We stayed in an Ashram.( not a Yoga retreat, just my parents being every Indian ever). At this point my mom was flipping out because there was no television in the room. I don’t know what she expected from a place mainly built on the banks of Ganga for peace and tranquility.

Here is the part of the blog, why I had actually planned to write.

My mom persuaded my dad to call our driver, who had gone to have his dinner.

So after he searched the whole area for fifteen minutes. He told us that he could pick us up from the Ashram and take us to a Dabba which was three kilometers from our place where there was a portable television and that everybody was watching the match there.

My dad was reluctant at first (fathers being fathers). We reach there anyway.

The mental picture of the Dabba.

A very very small thatched roof place ( not well maintained) with a portable television in one corner with fifty people sitting around it . It was a very small television you could hardly see anything.

I cant complain if it wasn’t for that day, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Gautam Gambir out 97 (187), bowled.

Pin drop silence, everybody was pissed.

* Dabba owner had to lock in his cook . I am not joking everytime he was out and about we were losing a person at Wankhede. (superstition). *

They were all back to being excited because

Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

We have reached that point, guys!.

271-4  (48.1 overs)

Kulasekara bowling and the batsman at the end was none other than the Indian skipper.

He hits the FINAL SIX!!!!

Ecstatic is word to describe the situation at the foothills of Himalayas.

Everybody was dancing at this point there were seventy odd people and the sherbetwala was handing out sherbet to everybody for free.

Only the Dabba was crowed at this point.

Suddenly out of nowhere the roads which had hardly any people walking around were completely filled with people just enjoying and drinking their free sherbet. I am pretty sure all the people from Rishikesh were there.

Today I am typing this and wondering how I had witnessed the World cup victory of India,  at a place far away from home, way up north with people I had just met.

We had fun.

This is why I wanted to write this.

I was almost a teen then and now almost not one.

Time sure flies.


Also when you travel, don’t go extravagant.

Who knows travelling in budget would actually turn out to be your “best day ever“.

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

Do you see these weird forwards on social media?

2016 is coming to an end, comment a memory about us.”

or something on those lines .

And wondered “oh my god I don’t have any memory with that person. Why are we even friends on Facebook”.

No no wait . That is not what we should be wondering right now. Let me try again.

And wondered “oh my god 2016 is already gone” .

It was a crazy year personally.

But in a larger perspective people would not call it ” crazy” rather “not the best”.

So, positively.

What made 2016 an amazing year for everyone?

( There is a huge list proving otherwise )

Pandas aren’t endangered animals anymore. So more cute Facebook videos because that’s why Pandas were saved from hunters right ? nope ?.

Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar. So that’s the end of an era of memes and newspaper articles.

Also Netflix made its way to India after nineteen long years. That is positive only if it was cheap.

Amazingly  Solar Impulse 2 managed to take a trip around the world solely working on solar energy,  making new roads for renewable energy. Wow right?

This was a year of firsts for India at the Rio Olympics with our girls making the whole nation proud.

P.V Sindhu became the first Indian woman to win the Silver medal at the Olympics. Sakshi Malik became the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal while Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian female gymnast ever to compete in the Olympics.

So 2016  wasn’t that bad at all ?


What made 2016 an amazing year for me?

I passed my boards 

I don’t care by how much because it doesn’t matter anymore ( I keep saying that to myself, you should too it builds your confidence).

 I turned eighteen.

I thought it was a big deal, major and all that but guess what nothing changes. Everything is the same your mom still scolds you for your messy room and you obviously  don’t get authority over anything so prepare yourself to be like when you were seventeen,sixteen,fifteen … eleven.

But its still cool to be eighteen.

You will know why, read more.

 I go to college now!

Gone are those days when I am categorized as a school student.

Gone are those days I have to wear uniform.

Other than that its the same old same old .

On a serious note I did meet a lot of new people. Crazy , amazing , talented and smart people.

Got my licence.

Yes, I passed the test and I know that every other person passes that test.  I wont hesitate to say I am proud of myself.

I told you eighteen has got its perks.

Very Minor but very significant.


I love travelling and the excitement that it gives is unmatched, this year we had an amazing time travelling around Tamilnadu, we went to Pondicherry (ok I go there almost every year ), Valparai ( the journey to and fro was marvelous )and Srirangam ( the huge temple with its spellbound architecture ).


Hong Kong and Macau 

Is a blog post in itself . So, I have only one word


Moving on

Learning to be grateful 

This year taught me to be grateful and satisfied with what I have.

And this struck me hard when I had gone to help these fourteen year old boys to write their examination. They were visually impaired but they were so happy and content with life. This hardship did not seem hard to them at all because they embraced it.

That day I might have helped them with their examinations but they also taught me something very very important in life, that I could not teach myself.

Be grateful,be happy and embrace it .

And last but not least

What made 2016 even more special was starting this


Not being melodramatic and all

I am just three articles in and I have no idea if I will go on writing forever but the amount of fun I  have typing out my ideas. The urge to pen down what I feel is a whole other dimension.

And I thank you all for reading my articles .


So signing off until my next article.

2016 wouldn’t have been “the” year but let us see what has 2017 got in store for us.


Sorry for not publishing an article for almost a month didn’t have electricity for a while and then no internet for a while, that’s some negativity . Which would burst open in some other blog post.


Happy New Year

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New Year’s Resolutions

What makes New Year’s resolutions even a term to write a blog post on , when I could be writing  on more realistic things .

Go to gym, get my licence, no junk food ( that one is a biggie ), wake up early, less active on social medias….this list is never ending, let us just take a minute and think why do we have the concept of New Years resolutions, when we know we don’t follow any.

After doing some “research”.


The idea of New Year’s resolutions came about 4000 years ago .

Babylonians  made promises to their Gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts.

Our version is more for” first world problems “.

I don’t keep resolutions?

No, I have a ton and I can say with surety that I have not followed one . Not the time I said I will go for a walk every morning,  not the time I said I will study well this year, not the time I said I will wake up early in the morning .

Well, we all have that one New Year’s resolution that makes the list every year, mine would be to work on my crappy handwriting .

I really try to work on it.

Every year on  January 2nd and January 3 rd and we all know what happens after that.

Back to square one .

Basically New Year’s resolution is a result of major procrastination.

Let us be real here.

We would have thought about bringing some change in our life  but then obviously delay it, then in November it strikes back and we are like ” let us write it down as a New Year’s resolution” .

Yes yes we all have those situation,  don’t deny it.

In the end

Not sounding rude .

New Year’s resolutions are a tad bit overrated.

but that does not stop us from writing some down for 2017 . 

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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Why ,What and When?

“Don’t focus on having a great blog .Focus on producing a blog great for your readers”~Brian Clark

The title seems  forthright but how am I supposed to tell you about why I started “traces of weirdness”, what is really going to happen  here and when will I post .

Before I start elaborating  .

Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post and I hope you would give a visit here in the future too.

I always believed in experimenting with life ..in theory . Its just that trying something new in “reality” scared me. I wouldn’t say starting this blog is really experimental but its new and different than usual to me .

..so that answered the “why?”.

What will I type in ? there is no formula or specific material , I would type in my perspectives , experiences ,ideas ,reviews,travelogue… just anything . Anything that makes me want to open my blog and share with you all.

Now summing up the whole “first blog ” mandatory  question.

When ?

When will I post ?

To be honest I really don’t know . I might keep you guys posted once a week maybe twice a week too. If I get lucky with the idea quotient

Lets see if I keep my word .

In conclusion

I hope you would come here to read more and  lets see if I write stuff that makes you want to come here more and once again thank you for taking your time to read .

This post seemed really melodramatic .. as for “how to write a post with a bang?” well that is another blog post for another time .

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