New Year’s Resolutions

What makes New Year’s resolutions even a term to write a blog post on , when I could be writing  on more realistic things .

Go to gym, get my licence, no junk food ( that one is a biggie ), wake up early, less active on social medias….this list is never ending, let us just take a minute and think why do we have the concept of New Years resolutions, when we know we don’t follow any.

After doing some “research”.


The idea of New Year’s resolutions came about 4000 years ago .

Babylonians  made promises to their Gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts.

Our version is more for” first world problems “.

I don’t keep resolutions?

No, I have a ton and I can say with surety that I have not followed one . Not the time I said I will go for a walk every morning,  not the time I said I will study well this year, not the time I said I will wake up early in the morning .

Well, we all have that one New Year’s resolution that makes the list every year, mine would be to work on my crappy handwriting .

I really try to work on it.

Every year on  January 2nd and January 3 rd and we all know what happens after that.

Back to square one .

Basically New Year’s resolution is a result of major procrastination.

Let us be real here.

We would have thought about bringing some change in our life  but then obviously delay it, then in November it strikes back and we are like ” let us write it down as a New Year’s resolution” .

Yes yes we all have those situation,  don’t deny it.

In the end

Not sounding rude .

New Year’s resolutions are a tad bit overrated.

but that does not stop us from writing some down for 2017 . 

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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