Best Day Ever.

Let us throwback on a Wednesday (breaking cultural norms here ).

April 2nd 2011

India wins World Cup 2011 

Our flight to Delhi (delayed) and we were sitting in the lounge eating pongal ( it is not everyday you get to sit and have pongal in an airport lounge). Whole of India gearing up for the day and we were on a road trip to Rishikesh from Delhi.

We were sitting and watching the news in the lounge ( let me tell you when you get the lounge travelling coach there is no greater luxury).

It was not the era of social media or smart phone . Facebook was there and so were we but not consumed by one another. This was the time we went to a place for the place and not for social media benefits (guilty).

It struck both my parents that we were going to miss what was the most important day in the history of cricket (for Indians). At this point in my life I was more into books and comics, not my parents. Don’t stereotype my mom I am pretty sure she is better than my dad when it comes to keeping up with the sports “deets” ( also over patriotism) . My dad he plays the game well way better than my mom ( no gender inequality here). I am not as passionate as my mother nor a good sportsman like my father .
My sister well she was  five.

We are going off topic here .

So we land in Delhi after three hours or so.

Get into an Indica and we are off to Rishikesh , Which is a five and half hour journey .

On the way we stop at Haridwar ( the mandatory stop).

Back on the road now .

Let me give you a mental view of Rishikesh.

 Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. (Wikipedia’s first line)

Mindblowing, stunning, amazing . ( my translation)

The match had started at 2:30pm (local time).  Sri Lanka hadwon the toss and had chosen to bat. By the time we had reached our destination the first innings was over


How did we know that you ask.

We didn’t.

My parents can start a blog on how to travel but mainly on a budget.

We stayed in an Ashram.( not a Yoga retreat, just my parents being every Indian ever). At this point my mom was flipping out because there was no television in the room. I don’t know what she expected from a place mainly built on the banks of Ganga for peace and tranquility.

Here is the part of the blog, why I had actually planned to write.

My mom persuaded my dad to call our driver, who had gone to have his dinner.

So after he searched the whole area for fifteen minutes. He told us that he could pick us up from the Ashram and take us to a Dabba which was three kilometers from our place where there was a portable television and that everybody was watching the match there.

My dad was reluctant at first (fathers being fathers). We reach there anyway.

The mental picture of the Dabba.

A very very small thatched roof place ( not well maintained) with a portable television in one corner with fifty people sitting around it . It was a very small television you could hardly see anything.

I cant complain if it wasn’t for that day, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Gautam Gambir out 97 (187), bowled.

Pin drop silence, everybody was pissed.

* Dabba owner had to lock in his cook . I am not joking everytime he was out and about we were losing a person at Wankhede. (superstition). *

They were all back to being excited because

Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

We have reached that point, guys!.

271-4  (48.1 overs)

Kulasekara bowling and the batsman at the end was none other than the Indian skipper.

He hits the FINAL SIX!!!!

Ecstatic is word to describe the situation at the foothills of Himalayas.

Everybody was dancing at this point there were seventy odd people and the sherbetwala was handing out sherbet to everybody for free.

Only the Dabba was crowed at this point.

Suddenly out of nowhere the roads which had hardly any people walking around were completely filled with people just enjoying and drinking their free sherbet. I am pretty sure all the people from Rishikesh were there.

Today I am typing this and wondering how I had witnessed the World cup victory of India,  at a place far away from home, way up north with people I had just met.

We had fun.

This is why I wanted to write this.

I was almost a teen then and now almost not one.

Time sure flies.


Also when you travel, don’t go extravagant.

Who knows travelling in budget would actually turn out to be your “best day ever“.

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